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Hi GT, kinda of a two part question here on song requests.

I've submitted a few songs at least 3 months ago and have not seen them posted yet. I know it's a process and maybe 3 months is not enough time, but this got me to thinking if there was a feature that could inform the requestor as to the status of their request even if it's to tell them that they cannot get the rights to publish it that would be nice. At this point it just seems like a black hole. Put a request in and keep checking the library to see if it's there. Seems like an outdated method.

Also if a song cannot be put in the library for whatever reason could we request one of the instructors to teach or assist at least without breaking any copyright laws just parts of the song like say the opening intro. For example a song I requested was "Why Not Me" by the Judds. The chord melody I got, but there is this great opening hook with a cool slide and flatpicking that I would love to learn to play. Been tryin the Youtube approach, but that hasn't been too helpfull. This is a great guitar driven song that all levels of players would enjoy playing. I just know the great instructors here could do this song justice and teach it properly.

Any thoughts about this and if anyone is not familiar with this great country classic song here it is.