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Guitar Tricks Instructor
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10/05/2020 11:47 am
Originally Posted by: hsnoeckxWith this way of copyright on Carens peace everybody here risks a lawsuit only playing the same chord sequence ( like it appears in hundreds of songs ) or by playing the same strumming pattern, again like in hundreds of songs.[/quote]

Right. And we have lessons on stereotypical chord progressions that have notation that GT has chosen to make unrestricted. So, you can download it.

But the notation on that page is clearly intended to refer to copyrighted music. GT has been scrupulous about making sure they get the permission of the arts and, or publisher in order to avoid lawsuits.

But, also because it's the right thing to do.

And part of the voluntary agreement is not to make the notation downloadable. That could change in the future because it is a negotiable contract point. But for now, the publishers get to make that decision. GT respects that because it wants to continue to get access to songs that artists & publishers want to make available.

It's sometimes made for a long & complex process. But it's the only way to make sure the people that did the work to create the music benefit from our use of it. So, it's win-win.

I think lawsuits here in America can be overdone & sometimes ridiculous. But in the case of copyrighted music the legal process is pretty clear & quite logical:

1. An artist creates a song that wouldn't exist except for that artist's work.

2. People like the song & want to learn to play it.

3. GT asks for permission to teach it.

4. GT charges money for subscription access to the lessons.

5. GT pays money to the artist (usually through the publisher that represents the artist).

Originally Posted by: hsnoeckxWhat about fair use in copyright rules as in teaching?

That's a gray area that can be difficult to legally define or defend. I think it's clear in most cases that the songs GT gets permission to teach are valuable property. And not only does it make sense to seek out & use the proper legal ways to get permission, it also allows the site to stay active & in business by being totally above board. Above suspicion so to speak.


my 50 cents because I can understand really good that most beginners can not follow a song if they can not see the whole tab, auto scroll doesn't always work good here, sometimes it jumps to the next line while the song is only halfway the previous line and if printing is not possible because of that copyright then that st...ks

It's not ideal for sure. And I'm hoping it could change in the future!

Hope that helps!

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