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I'm still struggling to decide on a new guitar and had it narrowed down to a seagull maritime or entourage or a Yamaha a series. Then...... a friend offerred me his Taylor 614ce for a 3rd of what it's worth. They are high end but after spending an evening with her I'm left wondering if I should take the bargain. The first thing I noticed is the neck feels very wide. This may be something I'd get used to but I have pretty small hands. Second thing was it sounds really nice open but furtherf up the actions quite high and really hard to get the most out of it. It's an all maple body so quite a deep tone. I feel like I may be looking a gift horse in the mouth if I don't grab it at the price and try getting used to it but on the other hand wondering if Taylor 614s are over rated. The biggest issue for me trying to decide on new guitar is you can't get the shortlist in same room at same time to compare. Anyway.... appreciate any feedback on Taylor 614s from anyone who's had a good crack with them. The yamaha a series felt easir to play to me and sohhnded good too. Cheers.