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Damn, but I love the kind of joint you just described but they just don't seem to have many of them where I live these days (New England). Lived in various places in East Texas for years and there were lots of music/dance halls; some really small and some that I swear would hold more people than the population of the small town they were in. The dance music was mostly Western Swing, what with it being Texas of course. It wasn't unusual at all to have 50s style bands either. Lots of blues and traditional country (I should say "both kinds, country and western") and southern rock sounds. Some of the live bands would be really good and some were just awful but it was live music, cheap beer, some pretty women, some not so pretty women that were just as much fun to be around as the pretty women, lots of well worn hats and boots and belt buckles, dirty floors, questionable bathrooms, and a whole lot of sweat. [br][br]

But hey, you mentioned tuba so I may be thinking of a completely different kind of venue! Plenty of Jack Daniels and Wild Turkey, maybe not as much crown. 👑

So anyway, welcome and like Bill said, I'll bet you have some good stories and I hope you will share some of them with us!


P.S. I probably offended some people by throwing in pretty and not so pretty women. Sexist and objectifying, etc. I hope no one is offended, just trying to lay out the tableau. There were also some really good looking dudes and some really homely hombres.

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