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i have an sc 450 Plus HB vintage (179€ les paul style with coil splits) and the finish, quality and sound are amazing for the price. I can only compare to my squier jazzmaster and an rgx 421, but out of the box the HB is IMHO a better setup guitar. Only thing is that the action was maybe a little too lo for my liking so raised it just a tad.

Although the guitars are great out of the box i did change the nut on my SC450 but only because i am used to a slightly wider string spacing, which is a mod i often do to my guitars (and as an engineer i always have to mod the crap out of everything regardless). I do admit that i have never played a high end instrument, but I am so happy with that guitar that i am awaiting delivery of a te90qm! only downside is that i have to wait till wednsday!!!