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This has probably been asked to death but just need some clarification. I see that songs in "Made Easy" category for beginners you can see notation autoscroll along with the instructors final playthrough however when I try to learn something in 2 Guitar difficulty and up I can't use that feature due to the licensing issue. I can't even do a screen grab. I understand all that, but how can one learn a song? I'm a beginner yet GT tells me according to my lesson progress I should be able to play songs in that level. Without autoscroll of notation it's next to impossible. Am I right in assuming that the " Made Easy" songs have been "reworked" by GT instructors and therefore that's how they get around that or is there a feature I'm not aware of.

Specifically I'm trying to learn "Songbird" by Fleetwood Mac. Am I gonna have to just write it all out or loop each section over and over until I got it memorized?

Appreciate any assistance.