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Hello everyone. I'm Moe. I just started a few weeks ago and doing pretty well on the first tutorial. At 57 I'm picking up the instrument after over a 35 year layoff. It's been one of my regrets in life for stopping to play back in my twenties. Who knows where I would be now if I hadn't, but life happens for a reason right so hopefully I will stick with it this time. I am enjoying Lisa McCormick's guidance and songs she has written for us newbies to play. What a talent she is. Im mostly into learning country but some good classics like every rose by poison is in my repertoire goal. I'm playing a steel string Ibanez electric acoustic, no amp, that used to be my nieces and it's perfect for learning but man my fingers are practically bleeding. My calluses are coming back but I'm regretting not getting nylon strings for it.

Also I'm having problems strumming with a pick. It's actually easier with my thumb but is that a bad habit to get into and should I force myself to use the pick. Plus using my thumb the sound is quieter so I can hear Lisa's instruction and backup band better while learning the songs.