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IME I suspect that a normal encounter learning to bend William MG.

IDK definitively how others nuance it, but watching vids from various sources, observation, thought and experimentation after similar frustrations some time ago learning my first bends of George's melodic solo lick from "You're Gonna Lose That Girl" as transcribed to tab for me by Christopher in another thread, here's the trial and error solution to get around a similar problem which worked, and unless or until I find a better way currently [u]works most effectively and comfortably[/u] for me. Caveat as always, OMMV.

Problem I encountered. Adjacent strings above those bent being touched and sounding inadvertantly by the tips &/or nails, exacerbated if high gain is involved.


1. Use two fingers to bend large, protracted bends, or repeated bends. Second and third fingers recommended. See exceptions in 3 below.

2. I place the second consciously to support the third simultaneously extending it to mute the adjacent string above. The third does the actual bending but in concert with two. Concurrently, through observational awareness initially driving intentional placement, I position the second finger in particular at an angle A. so the nail can't catch, and B the tip doesn't really protrude far enough from the string it's muting to do so in the bend extension. I had to focus consciously to effect this initially, but it's since become subliminally instinctive through repetition over time. Whether it's a bad habit or 'wrong' technique like how I don't use the two finger death grip to hold my pick, after significant experimentation I found the technique I described above works consistently, reliably and most comfortably to land and manipulate bends to tone [u]for me[/u].

3. Single quarter note (?) bends as occur in that lick. I use a single finger, third and first respectively. I could and have used third and second for the last D flat quarter note bend, but through experimentation found first better facilitates it and the subsequent fingering of the B note [u]for me[/u].

Might be something in there for you to mull over and experiment with. I don't apply any discernible excessive pressure to the nailbed quick that I am painfully cognizant of. GL with it.