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William MG
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Good day!

I am learning a song at the moment which requires bending. Bending is a new skill I am learning. I am finding my nails catch on other strings, which is very annoying.

I know that diligent practice will eventually correct this, but for now while I study this song, if anyone has any tips on what you do to prevent nails from catching on other strings, I would be interested in hearing them. For instance, I do have success when I place the string on the [u]wick[/u] of my finger nail, but wow does this introduce a totally new pain sensation! Surely nobody does that. But maybe you do and have toughend up your fingers at that particular point. And to be clear, I am talking of placing the string between the nail itself and the finger. Litterally on the wick.

I have made a video clearly showing the aweful sound of nail on string