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Originally Posted by: seay.james

Hey there,

The reason is how much the D and G strings are "bent" between the nut and the tuning peg. They catch and then suddenly let go. Les Pauls are notorious for it.

If you are brave, the fix is taking some really really fine sand paper (1000 grit), wrapping it around your string. and sanding out the divot in the nut where the string goes. focus on the area opposite the fretboard. (I have never done this myself as I find I can only play Fender necks very comforatbly.)

Good luck!

I experienced this problem with my first Les Paul. The issue is usually "binding at the nut" thanks to the steep angle between the head and the fretboard. A tell tale of this is if you hear the string pinging when you are tuning it up, or when you bend.

I've done the graphite/pencil lead thing and it helped. Taking it to a guitar tech ultimately solved the problem...he widened the nut slot slightly and reworked the slot.