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Originally Posted by: mruniverce

I play alot of neoclasical stuff, and Like I said I love the sound of my les paul. I think I have solved the problem. I have used pencil grahphite on my bridge and the end part(not sure what the proper name is) of the guitar string. and beleive it or not its staying in tune. I have a fender strat that stays in tune. What I was refering to about mutiple guitars was...I tried 3 guitars of the same model (les paul standard pro) and all off them had tuning problems.

Yep and I did understand that it was three guitars but what that means is that the nut (the white thing at the top of the neck) on those guitars was not properly filed. If you put graphite in the slot and that helped, it does mean that you should probobly have a good guitar tech file that nut slot smooth. Good thinking on the graphite, it's an old guitar player's trick. It does tell you that that slot is not smooth enough currently and just needs a little smoothing out.