Advice on Starting a Youtube Music Channel

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Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to the guitar but I've been thinking about making a Youtube account to document my learning process and get in the habit of posting regularly. I'm hoping that, once I'm able to play a lot better, I can post videos of me playing different songs on a weekly basis. I'm not too concerned about my videos getting lots of views while I'm still learning the basics, but I'd obviously like them to once I start playing more seriously.

So I though I'd go ahead and gather some info on making a successful Youtube music channel. Do any of you have tips on getting your music out there with Youtube?



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Hi jimcroisannt,

My only advice to you is, to do it, and be consistent! That means one new video per week, at the least!


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Here are a few tips for starting a successful YouTube channel:

[br]Plan Your Content. [br]Arm Yourself with the Right Equipment. [br]Look for Inspiration. [br]Make Every Second Count. [br]Start with Simple Editing Software.[br]Optimize Your Videos. [br]Build Your Network. [br]Connect with Your Viewers.

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