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Hey there everyone!

I thought this could be useful information and also I would like to know your opinion about this. How would you approach a record label? Did you have any experience with this?

Do you believe they are starting to disappear? Social media is allowing musicians to share their music to the world without a label getting money out of that, but I didn't get to know any really big musicians (at least in metal) that are not in a record label - correct me if I'm wrong please! -

What's your opinion on this?

Thank you everyone and have a nice day. :)

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Hey there,

You can certainly grow your project on your own with all of the DIY marketing and distribution services available. I would argue that building your career DIY for a few years before entering into a contract is vital because you will have more knowledge and clout to negotiate with.

It is possible to make a living through DIY effort, but you are only one person with so much time, energy and resources. Whether or not you ought to work with a record label is entirely dependent on your personal music career goals. Record labels can be a great business partner to help you grow your career if you are ready.

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