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Originally Posted by: compart1I'm looking for recommendation for nylon string... First string change on my Huntington.. Thanks in advance..

I usually use cheap ones unless I am recording.

So, for normal wear & tear if I know I'm playing a lot & will wear through them in a couple of weeks with a lot of practicing or performing Martins or D'Addarios. Both have options for tie ends or ball ends.

If I am recording or doing a big deal solo performance, then I'll spring for a set of Hannabach's.

They don't last as long sound wise, but they are worth it for the week that they shine.

Also, you should be aware that classical nylon strings come in light, normal & high tension flavors. I've only ever used the normal. The others feel odd to me. They probably have some use in highly specialized areas, but I don't operate in them! :)

Hope this helps!
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