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When I bought my Fender Strat it came with a TSA compliant locking hardshell case. The case says Fender on it (of course) but it was made by another company, I suspect. It is indestructable!

The first couple times that I flew with it I was still concerned and so I put my cheaper Yamaha Pacifica (S type) in it. And I checked my guitar in luggage. And, of course, it always arrived at the destination airport unblemished. Now when I fly I put the Strat in it.

My Strat is far from my favorite guitar. I don't play it at home that much. But whenever I travel I take it. Definitely if I fly the Strat goes with. But even if I am travelling across town the Strat goes in the hardshell case and thrown on the back seat.

Hardshell cases are expensive. But for me the amount of confidence I am afforded, especially the locking ones, make it worth it. I have looked at cases by third party companies like Gator for some of my other guitars. But for now, when travelling, the Strat goes.

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