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Mmmmmmm . . . tritones . . . Lol

Yeah, that's the one, although I'm going to redo the verse (the part that comes right after the intro "tritones") to make it a little more manageable. I don't know if you've tried to solo over it yet, but it's impossible. To come up with anything that sounds decent you have to modulate just about every measure. So that was my fault . . . *sheepish grin* I'm gunna start redoing it today and tomorrow.

Once Ed gets some vocal stuff worked out we can construct your solo around that. Cool?

Re: Mad skills - yup, lol. I listened to that song you uploaded a while ago to the group. It sounded great.

Yeah, there's a link to a blues backing track up there too. It was what Skee soloed over for our first ever collab. Maybe everyone can contribute a measure's worth of solo to it or something. We can have you, Skee, and I all trading off solos. That'd be tight.