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Maddy Lorraine
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Hi, all. I'm Maddie from Georgia. I'm brand new to guitar. I'm a little over a month shy of turning 50, and it's nice to see I'm not alone in being a late starter. I was sitting around about a week ago, staring at an old Hondo II Professional that someone left at my house 25 years ago and, for the hundredth time, thought, "What the heck, I'll buy some new strings and figure out how to play guitar." This time I finally did buy some strings. I got a Squier Fat Strat to go with the strings (sorry Hondo) and found this site. I love it so far. The videos do a great job of both breaking things down and giving a new player a more comprehensive knowledge of the instrument and equipment. I'm looking forward to finally learning how to play.
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Ben Lindholm
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Welcome to the site Maddie, and Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Good thing you finally bought that pack of strings!

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