Hi I'm new n NO video

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Not sure if this is the right place but can anyone tell me how to get the video lessons to show up on my screen. I'm using my iMac G5.
I click on the page eg. exercise 1
The page opens and there's a blank space where the video should be

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Well im not a Mac user but i can tell you that the vids are in flash so check to make sure you have the flash player on it..


also have a look here for trouble shooting..


hope that helps a bit anyway...
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Thanks wingman :)

That was good advice. The videos are in flash. Javascript is also required to see the videos.

Have you seen any videos on our site (like before you signed up?) Can you watch videos on other sites, like youtube?

Can you see the video in this page?


Please give us more info and we'll try to help.

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