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It's definitely great to know that I'm not the only one who is over 50 and starting a new hobby!!

Anyone ever heard of the Traveling Wilburys? I can blame them for my renewed interest in playing guitars. :) It's a shame that they never toured. One of my goals is to be able to play some of their songs.

I guess you'd say that I've always had a love of music...majored in high school and also the first time I tried college. I thought I wanted to be a music teacher, but figured out that my personality and kids didn't go together very well. Now that I've gained some age (and a little wisdom, I hope), I wish I would've finished my music degree. Instead, I recently got a degree in Information Systems. What a complete opposite!

Favorite groups? Too many to list here, but a few are Bob Seger, Tom Petty (and the rest of the Traveling Wilburys), Eminem, Trans Siberian Orchestra, and Heart.

Can't wait to get started!
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Hi Cindy,

I watched the George Harrison biography and they had a part about The Traveling Wilburys. Awesome group of songwriters in one band!

I think you'll find guitar playing a great distraction from Information Systems. Great to see someone get excited about music and guitar! Have fun! :)
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