Greetings from Ohmegga, Florida, USA

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"Ohmegga" is my studio name. I had a record deal in Europe in 1995 (yeah I know) "Mournblade" [Cream Records] and it was such a disaster due to the mix, that I quit playing. I hurt my hand in 2004, and realized how much I missed music. I had always played bass, but due to loss of strength, re-learning to play guitar became my rehab. Since then I have put together 4 CDs of music where I wrote, sung and played everything. Take a listen to some here:

I recently lost my job, so I need to start playing out again.

timeking {at} (2 f's not a typo)
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Welcome! Thanks for sharing!
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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Hi ;)

Thanks for sharing your songs, they sound awesome Man \m/
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