Using a metrodome. HELP ME

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I don't wanna seem to dumb...but i dont have a clue have apply the metronome to playing excercises. I could really use some help.
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Listen to it as if it was someone keeping a beat with a bass drum.

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Yeah, I've been trying to incorporate my metronome into by playing more also, but am having trouble after playing without for almost 4 years. Pointing me (us...) to some exersizes or something would be very much appreciated!
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yeah thats the best advice if you still can't handle it try tapping your foot instead of the metronome
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start with an easy song with a slow tempo and think of it as a bass drum like the other guysaid
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I started using the metronone a few weeks ago when practicing scales and stuff. Basically just start by playing a single note on each beat (for a few seconds before playing, tap your foot to your beat to kind of get into it) and when you feel up to it start trying eighth-notes (instead of "One Two Three Four One Two Three Four" it would be "One and Two and Three and Four and One and Two and Three and Four and"). I'm having some trouble playing eighth notes at higher metronome speeds (176), I lose the beat easily. Probably just needs practice, but maybe someone more experienced could give me a few pointers.
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If you are an absolute beginner at metronome playing. Try just smacking your lap with your palm in beat(synced) with the metronome(Start at 100bpm). Then devide the smacking so you hit your lap 2 times per beat. Then do both examples playing an open string on the guitar instead of smacking your lap(It should be bloody by now). After doing this for a while play a simple song to the beat of the metronome. Then it´s just to advance further on more difficult songs.
A fun thing to do is to play tripets(Yeah, it´s realy hillarius*s*), to do this devide every beat into 3.(Note: try this only after you have mastered the other 2).
/Johan Lindgren
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Thanks for the help guys.
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