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Hello All,
After reviewing the other sites, I've decided to commit myself to Guitar Tricks. I'll be 60 next month and am starting up another band. (Retirement ya know). I've been playing since I was 9 years old, have had more equipment than I can remember, still have some of it, got some new stuff and am ready to get involved again. I do desperately need to get up to speed though. I'm an Engineering Technician at a local University and have been involved with music, electronics and electro-mechanics for over 50 years.. One of my first experience's in these areas was modifying a friends set-up so he could sound like the band we just saw...the Kinks circa 1964,(I was an Army brat), after talking with Davies he told me his secret. It involved a razor blade and some old Bassman speakers.
Later, From San Antonio
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That's a great Kinks story, welcome aboard and thanks for sharing that.
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Hi G1619T...
Welcome to GT..
sound like you can share a little of your knowledge..
Have good one and keep on playing
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