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Well...I'm 68...and just starting...

I played a little in high school, back in the late '50's...was part of a really bad band in college in the '61...but we got paid in beer, so nobody cared how bad you were...

Then life came along, wife, mortgage, kids etc etc...never played again...
But thought I would try again...

Got some arthritis problems, so I'concentrating on slide blues guitar...
both round and square neck...learning open D tuning...

I'm a computer tech by trade and have been trading off computer work with
folks wanting to sell guitar stuff on craigslist.com...
Picked up 2 old Harmony's, acoustic and electric...Alvarez acoustic bass, a low end Martin...and I just purchased a National Reso-electric...
Trying to get in an hour a day practice...been at it about 2 weeks so far...
I'm accomplishing stuff...but not as fast or as easy as I would like...

Are there any other National Resophonic players out there...???
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Welcome to Guitar Tricks! It's never too late to start. Hope you enjoy the site!

-GT Admin
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Welcome to Guitar Tricks! You CAN do this!
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What I'm gathering today from reading many posts on "old" people playing (found in several different forums), is that there are alot of "mature" people who are proving that it is possible to reach our desires/dreams no matter what age we are. I hope "young" people learn from our example. but more importantly....from all this I've been reading, I'll probably be able to find a band to get in to with people MY OWN AGE!!!!!! isn't that fun!!!!!!!!!!!

ps, how do you put the icons in the message?
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