HELP!!! my output is loose

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i own a zoom 707 effects bord. MY question is that the 1/4 inch output jack is loose and needs to be either tightened or soderd back tight--but-- it's located UNDER the circut bord. Can i remove the circut bord without loosing my preset sounds i created??
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i think you'd lose 'em...
so what i'd do if i was you is get a pad of paper and write down all the settings you have to make those sounds...
good luck!
-daniel (i have a zoom505II)
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I'd be more worried about frying the board than losing some settings. I take it there is no way to tighten it without removing the circuit board? If you do remove the board, don't do it on carpet.
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yeah, *static* zzzzzzzzzap
and, voila, you have a useless piece of silicon.
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See if you can get a schematic before you do this.. and if you do it try doing it on an anti-static bag or even newspaper (ground yourself first).
Accuracy,you say? hmm interesting concept..
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Im an electronics Tech and musician so its a handy trade to have if my equipment screws up from time to time ...
First and most importantly ground yourself first.(water pipemetal not PVC
to discharge any static charges built up in your body
Second of all look at what your working on carefully to take mental note of where things go etc....
Also make sure you have a good nice clean work area
if the jack is loose from its solder connection youll see it resolder it as well as you can and dont do what I did years ago and use one of those "Weller" Guns those are for gutters etc... use a 30 to 40 watt pencil type iron with a small conical tip and the smallest diameter solder you can get your hands on nows a good time to check for more loose connections and just have a good "look-see" at your mainboard , if you find anymore loose connections go ahead and resolder those too.. cracking the unit open shouldnt be a problem just remember what screws go where....
The thing should have a small 3.3 volt battery (like on your motherboard) so as long as you dont pull this battery loose your sounds should be ok
Lots Of Luck To Ya!!!! warmfret

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