Hey, I'm new to guitar, who's out there?

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Hey, anyone, I'm new to guitar and I have questions. I started watching guitar fundamentals 1, and Chris recommended having a strap button instead of having the end of the strap connected to a string that is tied around just above the nut. I suppose I could have a second strap button installed at the appropriate spot at the top of the body, no? I dont know how expensive it is to have it done, and I'm not going to pretend I know what I'm doing to try and install it myself. Does the average guitar shop do it, and for how much? Would I have to leave my instrament and pick it up another day, or can they usually do it while you wait?
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I'm new here too, been here just over a month and bought a year up front. Going OK, about half way through fundamentals-2, just need alot, ALOT more practicing!!! :-)
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Yes, a reputable guitar shop with a competent guitar repairman can install a strap button, in most cases while you wait but it certainly shouldn't take more than a day or two and I wouldn't expect it to cost more than about $25, max. If the guitar shop says it has to send the guitar away to another shop, ask where that shop is and simply drive there if it's in your area. I would not expect the cost to be significantly more than $25. If either of these things is a problem, go to another guitar shop.

[U]Acoustic or Hollow Body Guitar[/U]

Now, there are two schools of thought as to where to mount the strap button, on the heel of the neck (my preference) or on the upper bout. Putting the strap button on the upper bout will disfigure the wood finish of the guitar, in my opinion, although as I've already indicated, some guitars come from the manufacturer that way and some players prefer it that way (I'm giving equal time, here). There are those who say that installing the strap button on the heel of the neck of the guitar is the worst thing that one can do to a guitar. I disagree. My acoustic has the strap button mounted on the heel of the neck...it was that way when I bought it right off the showroom floor. Some will say that mounting the strap button there puts undue strain on the guitar when it is in the case. I've had no problems and the manufacturer didn't think so either so that's where they put it. But once again, there are those from the other school of thought...

The main point here is that you should tell the guitar repairman where you want the strap button mounted rather than him making the decision for you. Nothing wrong with getting his/her opinion but my advice...go into some guitar shops and look at several of the acoustic guitars offered for sale. You will probably find that some guitars...if they have strap buttons, have the one closest to the neck mounted on the heel of the neck...some have it mounted on the upper bout. You have to have an idea of what you want before you turn your guitar over to someone else to have them work on it, otherwise, you might be very unhappy when the guitar repairman turns the guitar back over to you.

On final thing...installing a strap button on the heel of the neck is easy. If you know how to drill a (straight) hole into wood...after all, that's all it is...how to size a drill bit to a screw size, how to drill for the proper amount of hole depth and how to drive a screw into wood so that it offers the right amount of resistance, (you don't want the wood to crack or split), you won't have any problems. Use only a hand screwdriver to drive a screw in for this application (no power driver). I would not recommend drilling into the upper bout unless you know what you are doing. If you drill a hole in the wrong place, you won't drill into the bracing, only into the thin wood shell of the guitar and any screw you might install there won't have enough wood to bite into. Since the weight of the guitar hangs from the strap when you are playing it, that weight could cause the screw of the strap button to pull out of the wood resulting in an unsightly hole to remain and you becoming a very unhappy person.

[U]Electric or Solid Body Guitar[/U]

If you are talking about a solid body guitar, that totally changes the above discussion. Most solid body guitars, like a Fender Strat or Strat wannabe have the strap button mounted to the upper bout. Most Gibson, Epiphone Les Paul type guitars or Les Paul wannabe's have the strap button mounted to the upper bout as well but remember, both of these types of guitars are solid body guitars...there is plenty of wood to drill into to mount a strap button so that the mounting screw has something to bite into.

Go with your own confidence level. If you are in doubt or if you don't feel confident about drilling into your guitar, have a reputable guitar shop do it for you.

I hope this helps.


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