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hello this is my first posting.
I live in Greece and my knowledge in music covers the higher theories of music (i have an harmony diploma) and the instruments i play is piano and buzuki (a traditional chord instrument). I ve started to learn guitar alone a few months ago and now i learn from guitar tricks. This site is like an online conservatory , you do great work here guys and i really thank you for your help.
Well, my problem with the guitar isn't the theory but is that i never touched a guitar before and i feel really uncomfortable with finger positions. i know the only solution to this is practice.
I love spanish songs for classic guitar and i wish you will add more lessons for classic guitar in the future.

Thank you
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Welcome to the Guitar Tricks Forum. Thank you so much for the kind words. To have someone with your musical background getting into guitar using Guitar Tricks makes us very happy. Again, Welcome! :)

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