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02/11/2011 1:06 am

Thank you for your patience.
We worked with customers that experienced this bug, identified the cause, then fixed it.

You don't need to wait for the update. The bug was associated with several songs. Our sincerest apologies.

Here's what to do:
Write down your username and password.
Then delete the app.
Restart your device.
Then reinstall.
Re-login with your username and password.
That should do it.

Thank you again for the feedback and helping us solve the bug.
Keep the reviews, posts, emails, tweets, & shout outs flowing. We read 'em all.

Original post 2/11/2011:

Hi, I am from the Rock Prodigy dev team, here in Los Angeles.

Sorry to hear that the app has crashed on the Settings screen.
We've not heard of this bug before...
I'd like to help troubleshoot the problem.
I can post suggestions here, or if you prefer, you can contact us via our site:

From there, we can interact directly.

Sincere apologies again.
Please let me know how I can help.

Thank you.
Maximum respect,
Rock Prodigy