Tremelo Troubles

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I have an ESP LTD MH-301 which has floyd rose tremelo (double locking - i dont know if all floyd rose are), and ever since the last time i changed strings its been messed up. It sits right, the action is lined up perfectly, but when I push down it stays flat, when I pull up it stays sharp.. I'm just wondering if i screwed something up somehow, but i dont know how to see if everythings set up right

anyone know anything about this kind of stuff?
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No tremelo I've seen can keep perfect tune, but it sounds as if yours is giving you more trouble than it should. I don't own a floyd rose, so if you say it looks fine then I'll believe you. i've got one question: did you stretch in your strings when you put them on? If you gently stretch each string by putting your index finger point on the fretboard and using the other fingers to pull the string away from the neck, at each fret, the strings will tend to stay in tune better afterwards. Strings need time to settle in, as the tension on fresh strings will stretch the metal a bit and send them out of tune. A tremelo will send new, unstretched strings out of tune very quickly.
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Dont know about floyd roses, had a copy once which was fuqing awful, but ESP are top guitars so yours should be excellent.
When you can afford it this is definitely a job for a tech as those things are complex and it seems that it is not pivoting properly - ie it sticks in either a down or up position. Have a look to see if anything is restricting its movemement at the pivot end and ask ESP for their point of view. Its annoying when quality instruments behave like cheap ones. Good luck.
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Ive got a floyd rose and i had similar problems ive set it up so that the bridge is floating evenly so its not leaning forwards or backwards,level. I run three springs in the back
two on the outside and one in the middle on the tail piece,and on the guitar body the three middle catches
i also stretch my strings heaps by whammying before i lockdown.I also only change two strings at a time , tune stretch then lockdown and move onto the next two.It stops the tremello from going right out of wack.I dont know if that helps or if thats how youve got it set up,
Just recently i was having trouble with my tuning and i couldnt find the problem,my floyds been going great for years,I eventually found the problem the bolts on the neck had worked loose just enough to stuff it up all time.
that could be it unless youve got a neck through body.

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this may be a dumb question but did you put heavy gauge strings on the guitar this time?

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i have the same problem with my floyd rose. after recently putting new strings on, the floating bridge seems to be sticking out more than it used to. i'm not sure if its just that i never really took notice to how much it stuck out or what but for some reason after restringing it this last time, it seems to float a little higher. also, the strings seem to be a little farther off the fretboard up by the pickups. it still plays fine but i dont know if there is anything wrong with it that i dont notice
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thats happened to me before,sometimes the nuts that are sunk into the body that the bridge screws into come out a
little bit.i took mine out and reglued them,it seems to of held them for now.
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I ve had the same problem, I've put a back box in the spring compartiment, and now my floyd feels like a fender trem (heavy) and it can still go all the way (both ways)
and I can even do those bluesy double note bends without the other string going out of tune!

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so does anyone know how to help fix these things? i can no longer even keep my strings in tune because its so bad. i dont really want to deconstruct my whole guitar just yet. i wantd to see if anyone else knew how to fix it first.
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i dont have one but i fixed one for a friend. i
loosened all the strings then tightened the screws
in a back a couple turns( evenly each side ) then
put the bridge in place and tightened the strings
n made sure the bridge didnt come up as i did so.
when i had the strings tuned i loosened the screws
a bit n retuned then loosened the screws and retuned til i got em back where they were.there was a thread in here a couple weeks ago ( forget where) bout floyd rose.guys was talkin bout how to avoid the problem so ya dont gotta keep fixin it.
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