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There are two things you will commonly hear in a contemporary pop music that claims to have a "solo" these days...

A.) Something that involves octaved chords played in a raising or lowering succession. With massive attemps to strum the octaved notes fast so it sounds "cooler".

B.) Some bent notes and a slow meoldy of some sort. This usually involves some asshole on a wah doing the Kirk Hammett thing, no offense to Kirk's ability, he's farly good and can actually play a decent solo.

Those two little bits in my book count as leads or melodies as most people refer to them, not solos. Sure one instrument (usually a guitar) is playing the melody but that doesn't make it a solo. That means that someone had to play the melody, which equals one of the guitarists (if the band even has two) breanches off and plays it.

I'd have to say Guitar solos are not making a come back. I haven't heard much on the radio ever that does, as far as contemporary pop music on the radio goes. Anyhow that's my biased stance on that issue. Good Day.

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