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whenever anyone plays a guitar solo now i've noticed on the "radio-worthy" songs (excuse me while i fart) there is nothing in them. first of all, they only go along with the melody of the song, it is not the 'expression of a guitarist' (good call, whoever called a guitar solo that earlier...) that it is intended (in my mind) to be. I feel guitar solos should blend in with the song, but have it's own emotion tied into it... I'm sixteen, and i'm workin on vai stuff, i've built technique, (i just have a little ways to go before i'm satisfied with that for a while) and i'm in the process of figuring this out, how you can play a solo, and have it really satisfy you... like writing a poem to a poet, or lyrics or sumpthin, but it's different, it's deeper, and you don't hafto worry about saying something that you don't think even makes sense to you and makes you want to put yourself into an insaneasylum. well, that's my little thought dudes, party on, God bless---
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