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02/02/2010 2:21 am
Originally Posted by: DazooHi. My name is Andy, and I also suffer from CGS.[/QUOTE]
Originally Posted by: BrokenJerai have suffered for cgs for almost 13 years now.[/QUOTE]
Originally Posted by: kddean66My name is Kyle and I also suffer from CGS.

[QUOTE=Razbo]CGS aka GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome). Yup, it's hard not to have it.

[QUOTE=ren]I also know this common afliction as G.A.S... I've been playing now for 24 years and have around 50 guitars, half a dozen amps and all sorts of related gear...

OMG... You're mad, mad... you're all mad! Hey, I like you guys. :) But I have a confession to make. :o I forgot to mention the Behringer amp that I bought too. This stuff sure does take hold of a guy, that's for sure.

Seriously though, I really appreciate all the feedback. As I'd mentioned, I am totally new to this but I've been researching this and if I'm understanding all this equipment correctly, the "stomp boxes" are individual units that provide a specific effect, like fuzz, distortion, compression, delay, etc... The foot switch really does nothing more than turn that effect off or on, and obviously, each unit has various aspects that can be altered with the controls on the units. Is that about right?

BrokenJera, I certainly appreciate your praise of the individual pedals but since I'm brand new at this and will probably rarely play outside of my home (and then only goofing around with friends) I'm still kind of leaning towards the multi-effects. I can see that they'd be more complex than the individual units from a settings perspective but as a whole, a single unit will be much more manageable than several smaller units, not to mention, cheaper.

It's funny that you three of you favored the Line 6 Pod because I was just talking to a guy at my church the other day and he really dissed the DigiTech and encouraged me to look at the Pods as well. But then, one of you guys said you loved your RP250.

Man, these aren't easy choices are they? As for the Line 6 lineup, do I need something like the X3 Live? hmmmm.... need... want... I guess it's all in the perspective. I suspect that the Floor Pod or the Floor Pod Plus would probably be more than enough for a beginner like me.

With the DigiTech's the question is similar... Do I go for the RP1000 or would the RP255, 355 or the RP500 suit me?

It's no wonder you guys all own so much equipment. You're probably like me. You can't make up your mind what you want so you just buy one of every thing. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention that the Boss RC-2 Loop Station showed up today. Let me tell you... I TOTALLY suck on the guitar but even so, that thing's fun.

Thanks again for all the feedback. The best to all of you. :)
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