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Yeah - I knew Exodus were around before Metallica and I knew Kirk was their lead guitartist...I, probably incorrectly, thought though that they were only really that bigger influence in the San Fransico type area, where as Metallica, Antrax, Megadeth and Slayer were huge the world over...I could be wrong, but I'd sau that anyone remotely interested in the metal scence would know those names, it's probably only the really fans who'd say, "Hey, Exodus - I know them!"....You're right about it being the time you got into it though..I started when I was 14, I only turned 15 yesterday..."The Black Album" was my first album...I pinched my bro "Kill 'Em All" album for a while (and fell in love with "The Four Horsemen")..I'm playing on buying "Ride The Lightning" soon...we'll see....but, the point is it wasn't so much I didn't know of Exodus, just didn't really think they were a huge influence...I can see now I was perhaps wrong....sorry!
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