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Heart felt words I'm sure....You're right, it's difficult to give up something you feel strongly for...You're right, the guys are doing what they want, fair enough, it's not for us to tell 'em what they can and can't do...but wasn't it they who used to say they wouldn't go in for MTV stuff...(or was that just Nirvana?....) haven't they gone against almost everything a young and impressionable mind was taught by them?...Don't get me wrong, they didn't warp my mind, (that was all those late nights, hehe) but they open my mind and ears to heavy, emotional music, feeling behind those notes, they gave me something to aspire (?) to...something to believe in....then they became mainstream...perhaps they didn't sellout, but they became mainstream...something I'm not, something many of us are not...something we thought Metallica'd never do....It's hard to let go, but it looks as though we have no's those plastic frisbees (not that I use Metallica albums as frisbees of course....) that we have to take with us....oh well...

"The Horsemen are drawing nearer,
On leather steeds they ride,
They come to take your live

On through the dead of night
With the Four Horsemen ride
Or lose your head a die"

think maybe the guys didn't ride...

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