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THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!! daniel has summed up basically what i tried to say. if you say there new stuff isn't as good as there old why should they produce stuff that sounds like their old stuff that's selling out to try to emulate there old sound just to keep fans or market to old fans Epitomizes selling out any time you change what you want to do for someone is selling out. maybe they don't wan't to write songs that have the same style or meanings as there old. there in a different part of there lives now and you have to respect that. that like having a 40 or 50 year old making songs that sound like blink 182 it just isn't the same after a while after you're life changes. It wouldn't have the same affect on people. and i think people need to lay off artists cause their songs don't cater to a certain purpose. Nobody's calling carlos santana a sellout, why is that? He does a whole album totally different from all his old album if you want to attack someone why not him? he's the perfect candidate. See this isn't about selling out if you just don't like the band's sound don't listen to them. And i'm not a big metallica fan but i do listen to them and as long as there are guitarist who are learning to play, metallica is gonna be making money.

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