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Maybe my point of view is skewed, because i dont particularly like the old or new metallica, but i really think that you guys are missing the point about the new one. First of all, very very few metallica fans i know like the new metallica, and i'm sure metallica knows that a lot of their fans prefer their old stuff by far. Selling out would be to keep making black album clones so they could sell more records. Granted, they are way too interested in money (this whole napster thing proves it. Direct lars ulrich quote: "I hate to see our art being traded like a comodity when its art." Stupidest quote I've ever heard, beats out anything dan quayle ever said. I mean, what is selling albums for 20 bucks a pop, if thats not trading like a comodity than I have no friggin idea what is. But that's a side track.)
If they only cared about popularity they would be doing korn stuff, because that's the type of metal that's popular right now. They're doing something new, and its what they want to do. You may not like it as much, but at least its being true to themselves, and not making new stuff in the same style as the old stuff cause they know you will buy it. I dont think sell out is an appropriate term to use. They are greedy as hell, at least lars, but aren't changing their music because of it.