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Ok, Im using an Ibanez RG570 w/ the floyd rose tremolo. Ive been playing .009s for a while but Ive recently switched to playing 11s, well of course with the stock 3 springs the tremolo is going to be too high. My problem is though, even tho the slot in the back has a place for 5 springs as usual, I cant put more than three because the bar that goes across the spring holes to hold them in uses 2 of the holes for screws. How exactly can I add more springs and keep the brace, or should I just lose it altogether (dangerous)?


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This is what Ibanez suggest (manual for locking trems)

I can't understand why they would think that the springs are in danger of falling out though (They don't have any danger of falling out of my old Roadstar).

Hope the above helps.
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just wanted to say that 'tremolo springs' just sounds like a californian town... I guess I'll leave now...
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well it does sound like a town... Doesn't it?
You know, like... I'm from Tremolo Springs, home of the baked potatoes... Ok.. mmm.cough cough...
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