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i recently bought some fender eletro-volt cables, however whe i turn on the distortion, the sound will flicker. also sometimes the distortion will fade in and out. and the sound seems to flucuate a little. i have had no probelems with my distortion pedal before, and was wondering if it is the cables, are tehy defective or is there a break-in period or something.
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It sounds (pun intended) there is an intermittent connection in your cable. One of the connections at either plug might be loose, or there may be a break in the wire of the cable itself.

If there's a warranty on the cables you should take 'em back. Otherwise, you'll have to either pay a tech to fix the problem, or try to do it yourself.

Its unlikely that more than one cable is giving trouble, but still, it shouldn't be your problem!
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my 10ft old cable (10 months old) is on it's way out *sigh*... I play gently but STILL it's starting to break up near the head. :(
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If you look ater your cables they shouldn't go as soon as 10 months. I've had two cables for about 2 years now, and neither of them are causing any problems. If you coil them properly, and don't leave them in your guitar or amp, they should last.
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