Truss Worries

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I think my truss rod may need adjusted, but I'm not sure.
My High E String goes horribly out of tune from the 12th fret onwards, but none of the other strings seem affected. Any suggestions what it may be..
If it is the truss rod as I suspect, is there any way to adjust it myself, I understand it's probably much safer to take it in...but unfortunatly I have absolutly NO money :o, and it is really a debilitating problem. Should I just wait?
If it's not the truss rod, how do I fix it (if I can :eek: )
Anyway...any help would be much appreciated, thanks :)
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My first guess would be that you need to adjust the intonation on just the E string.

Play the harmonic at the 12th fret, and then fret the string at the same place. If the notes are not the same, the bridge saddle for that string must be moved closer to the neck, or further away, until the notes match.

I described truss rod adjustment in an earlier post (called "truss rod") in this section. That is something I don't recommend for beginners. If you had a junk guitar that you could cheerfully trash, that's very different from risking your 'one and only'!
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