Soundcard, best buy? - Audigy or Live

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Ok, I'm thinking of shelling out the money for a new soundcard. My budget isn't that much, maybe up to $200. I'm looking for a quality soundcard for digital and MIDI recording that has all the latest goodies. I know Live is a popular one, but there are different varieties, right? Live value, platinum, gold, etc... there is also the new Audigy: anyone know anything about this? Any insight into this stuff would be great
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Yeah, Audigy is the new one.

A friend of mine just ordered one online yesterday. We'll see what he says about it!
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I'm just going to wait until I finally buy an ADAT or some hard disc recording system and a Mark of the Unicorn controller. Or maybe I'll get the FireWire model...

Oh, if only I had money...
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Originally posted by Raskolnikov
Oh, if only I had money...

I hear ya' dude.
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I have some kind of middle priced card, but since I use a GI 10 with a midi guitar, a sansamp, and cubase VST, I can actually record CDs in my basement.
The card is only an element of your sound, so think that your sound will be as good as the weakest link in the chain. Having a 2000 bucks card and recording with some guitar with old strings will make you sound bad. Think about it
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