tone pot making scratchy sound

chris mood
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The tone knob on my guitar now makes a loud scratchy sound whenever I turn It. I don't use any outboard effects so I like to rock the tone knob back & forth to create a natural wa-wa sound, but this new problem is prohibiting me from doing so. Does anybody know whats causing this & how to fix it?
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I've fixed some of my guitars by turning it back and forth, if it works, it means that it was just some dust.
If it keeps on doing it, you might want to see it checked by a guy who knows some electronics, because the "path" the pot takes might have a blind spot, which needs soldering
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Get the pot cleaned or replaced, shouldn't cost that much.
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Time for a new pot.
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enuff of this pot stuff, i mean weed is good, but onto guitars

buy a wah wah pedal, you idiot, none of this natural wah crap, fork out a dollar and get some decent stuff, who cares if it makes scratchy sounds? just dont turn it then, find a tone you like, stick to it


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Either get some electrical contact cleaner and clean inside the pot, or get a new one note down the value it'll say something like "A 250k". take it to a music store or electrical supply (radio shack) or call and ask if they've got one. remember what goes where and re solder it Well effective. Sorted my amp out this way.
Accuracy,you say? hmm interesting concept..
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Electronic contact cleaner works for me and my scratchy pots..Keep foolin' with the knobs, for vast musical landscapes await you.. Don't listen to fish-boy.. Multiple attempts at Re-hab await him.. Ho-hum.

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