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hey everyone
theres something wrong with my ibanez s370. just out of nowhere, my middle single coil pickup started producing a lot more noise than usual. in addition to that when i play the 4th 5th and 6th fret, g string, with distortion (on any pickup) it makes the note sound like its coming out of a torn speaker. it cant be the amp because it doesnt do it anywhere else on the guitar or when its clean its fine... im wondering if theres an internal wiring problem or something...

please help me out here
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yep, sounds like the wiring, or just a faulty pickup.
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Why would it only do that with distortion on if it is the guitar? Surely it would do it when it was set clean as well. Try plying through your set-up with a different guitar, doing everything you would with yours. If nothing happens, take your guitar in to a tech, otherwise, the problem is with your amp or effects.
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I used to have an amp that would sound crappy only when I played the same note, the low F!!!
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