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12/07/2007 9:15 pm
Originally Posted by: hunter1801Im having trouble playing a certain part of the solo in Megadeth's "Tornado of Souls". The part is 3:47 into the song. Its where he does the fast pullofs:
--------------------------------------------- ect...
Nevermind the fact that the reach is crazy when he gets to 17__10, but I'm just wondering how I should be doing the picking. As far as up/down strokes. Whats the best way to tackle this?

Here are the tabs:
It starts on the 17 "section"

Ill admit i havent tried to play that song or solo, "but" (yea thats where the sh*t comes out) here are some clues.

Try starting that thing out with an upstroke (U) , then a pulloff (p)..

And when ever you have this type of this going:
^^Play all downstrokes and do the rest with hammers and pulls.

you can make a simple exercise of it:

alternatively you kan play:
but that can be trickier.