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Joined: 07/08/05
Posts: 1,584
06/26/2007 5:45 pm
I read this review while checking out the Gibson Explorer
allen collins' old buddy
Features: 10
Quality: 10
Value: 10
Overall: 10
Allen Collins' old friend from Salina,KS
Experience: I own it
Background: Active Musician
Style of Music: Classic Rock and Hard Rock....Lynard Skynard
Product: Gibson Explorer Electric Guitar

Aug 5, 2004 - This guitar is awesome...when allen passed away of pnuemonia...i got his explorer....and i love it,allen taught me how to play the freebird solo back in '77...and it only sounds good on an explorer...if you can't afford a gibson...get a epiphone......r.i.p allen
his old buddy but he can't spell Lynyrd Skynyrd right :rolleyes:
"Life is just a fantasy"
"Dammit Jim!! I'm a guitarist not a haul my gear"