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09/30/2001 7:17 am
i like the pod...
just because i was playing my same old guitar
thru my same old amp...with NO pedals or effects..
when i got the pod...
i just went thru the presets...and it really helped
my creativity...
i know it's not a good excuse..but to me it really
does sound good and made me try different things...
if you want to hear some recordings i made with my
POD...go here

and listen to some mp3's i made with the pod
theres some flanger goin on.
some dirty lead sound
and some crunchy grunge sound
i mostly stay with the presets...
but i like to add some chorus too
an added bonus (for me, anyway) is that one of the guitar
magazines show how to set up the POD for the tabs they
write each month.

anyway, check out the website, listen to the songs
and ask me more specific questions..i'd be glad
to try to help.
when my wife bought me the POD for my birthday,
i think i ran around in circles squealing like
a little schoolgirl.
it's that good!