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Jolly McJollyson
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Jolly McJollyson
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03/02/2007 7:21 pm
An email my friend, Cherne, sent the Gillette company upon seeing a recent commercial for their shaving gel:

Dear Gillette,

I have always loved your products and so after seeing your Gillette Fusion shaving cream I immediately ran out to purchase it. Try and imagine my disappointment when upon applying the cream to my face it failed to materialize into a high-tech grid of razor protection - as your commercial clearly indicates. Needless you say, I was appalled. Out of despair I've resorted once again to shaving with butter. Was I doing something wrong? Was I putting the cream on incorrectly? Where is my defense-matrix?

Chris Williamson

P.S. Should I keep my shaving cream in a padded brief case like your commercial suggests?

Their Response?

March 1, 2007

Dear Mr. Williamson,

Your comments and experience with the Fusion Shave Gel Moisturizing will be shared with the people in our technical and marketing groups. I would like to arrange to send you a certificate to replace the product. However, we did not recveive your complete mailing infomation.

Gillette devotes considerable effort to produce only the highest quality products by using state of the art control systems that carefully monitor all phases of production. We continually re-evaluate and upgrade our quality systems to ensure that we maintain the highest standards for our products. When one of our consumers is disappointed, so are we, and we'll make every effort to correct the problem.

Please contact us and please reference the number below. Thanks!

Letty R.
Consumer Service Associate
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