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01/23/2007 3:40 am

Paid $75 canadian on ebay new (sweet deal).
Retails for $100 on musicians friend.

The pedal has a level, time, repeats, and range knobs.
It does all the normal delay times, and includes a tape emulator, mod delay, reverse delay (sounds like the solo from 'Give it away'), and a four second looper. It also has tap tempo and stereo outputs.

-Extremely Versatile
-Tons of features
-Tap tempo is great to have
-Very heavy and Durable
-1 ms-4 seconds of delay
-Finishes repeats when switched off instead of cutting off
-Remembers tap tempo when programmed
-Sweet silver paint job

-Kills batteries (you need an adaptor)
-Looper is too short to be useful
-Recessed knobs are hard to change if you are a foot tweaker (also a good thing though to prevent accidents)

This is the only real delay pedal i've used. It owns the delay on my rp-80 though. I wanted something with tap tempo, and this was a great price compared to similar pedals. I use it for a short delay on my solos, ambiant delay on clean parts, and to play U2 tunes.

This is the only delay pedal i need. It does anything you want, and more. The mod delay is ok, it's just regular delay with chorus on the repeats. The reverse is kinda useless, but it's trippy.

I fully reccomend this pedal. Any questions, just post in this thread...if it's ok with the mods. Or PM me, and I'll update the post.
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