Then whos your Favourite in guitartricks?

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I would like to know who you think is the best
contributor to
And also why?
Most tricks?
Best tricks?
Best tabs?
Most good-looking?
Interesting style?
You tell me!

And as the Holy Master said here before:
Dont vote for yourselves!
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I like all the host but Shmange would have to be among the best contributers and some of the best licks even though i play country style.
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Skee1 has good advise on many subjects, and is or appers to to quite wise.

Anyone who uses this forum is good for we are all guitarist who like the guitar, talking guitar, asking/answering to guitar/music posts. So we are all the best there is.
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I'll vote Schmange.... definitely the most licks but also the most inventive
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I guess everyone of the hosts/moderators is the best of a particular category, e.g. schmange is the quirky remarks/tapping master, ekstasis16 is the theory man, jon68 is the technical guy, lordathestrings is the militant milliwatt amp pusher, jake sommers is our bad mofo jigga' and jon broderick just tries to keep us all under control and productive.

Actually, there are more, but then this post would have been a whole page longer, and it would have taken me much more time to think up.

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