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Kevin Taylor
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Kevin Taylor
Guitar Tricks Instructor
Joined: 03/05/00
Posts: 4,722
08/05/2006 2:58 am
Ok, here ya go. The first song I ever wrote on a Fostex 250 4 track with a Yamaha RX11 drum machine, original Midiverb and my old Yamaha Acoustic and guitar synth, recorded in about 1987.
I didn't have any lyrics for it, but my brother use to sit at the dining room table and make fun of me and singing stupid stuff like "Snowy Rivers... Flowing So Gently"
... mainly cause it sounded so gay. So I said to hell with it and call the song "Snowy Rivers"

Snowy Rivers
©1993 by whoever

I'm in the bath washing my hair
There's no water in it but I don't care
I sit outside and breathe the air
I've got a comb, but I don't care.
I think I love me....

...check out the guitar solo.... there's only 2 notes cause it wasn't worth writing anything to it.

We actually made a video about 10 years ago, going around model homes and using their bathrooms to wash my hair in. The answering message at the end of the song is an actual recording of a guy at work calling me to wake me up cause I slept in. I was up all night doing this song so I was majorly crashed out.

Later on (years later) we took the instrumental tracks that were sitting around in the closet, and took them into a 16 track studio to use them for a real track for a band we joined years later called 'Slime Dogs from Hell'. (later named Bitch'n Boys) We wrote new lyrics and had our singer Joanne do new vocals for us. (she had no idea about the Snowy Rivers vocals so she always wondered why me and my bro were always snickering our asses off....

So anyways, here's both versions:

Snowy Rivers (original version)

On Our Own (Joanne's Version)

Funny thing was, we ended up doing 'On Our Own' at the Hard Rock Cafe in Skydome in Toronto and we were laughing so hard cause the rest of us were singing 'Snowy Rivers' in the background during the whole song...
People were coming up to us saying it was their favorite song and we were breaking up and falling off our chairs from laughing so hard.