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11/09/2005 3:33 pm
Hi Everyone,

I've just made the leap from recording guitar from my old tascam 414 to moving into the modern world.

I'm stuck though and it would be great if someone can tell me how to get going.

This is my kit-

Sony VAIO laptop
Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro software.
Tascam US 122 USB/MIDI Audio connetion
M-AUDIO 49e MIDI Keystation.

So far I'm cool with recording guitar into the software, but don't know how to ket the keystation to work.

Does Guitar Tracks support MIDI?-It appears not too.

Also-Can I plug directly into my POD ,connect VIA it's USB connector to my laptop and record without going through my TASCAM device?

Also can I record vocals through the POD?

It would be great just to do everything through the POD and sell the TASCAM US-122 if it's not needed, but I don't know how to connect the M-AUDIO device to get it working. It has one MIDI out connection which I guess goes into the POD MIDI in/TASCAM MIDI in??

Finally where can I get good drum loops to put in my projects. I have fruity loops with guitar tracks pro, but that looks really complicated.I'm just looking for a selevtion of grooves to play along to, more to keep me in time etc.

Any help warmly received.

Thanks Everyone, hope someone is kind enough to help.