The best concert you been to????

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I love these "Best concert" threads. :)

Peter Frampton - twice. First time not long after Frampton Comes Alive had been out. He was great. I was 14 years old. Second time - roll the clock ahead 40 something years. The Farewell Finale Tour. Sept 2019 in Houston. Even better.

Skid Row/Pantera - Pantera opened up for Skid Row. Pantera kicked Skid Row's ass.


Lollapalooza 94 - all day show with some great bands. The Beasty Boys were great. As were George Clinton and the PFunk All Stars.

Judas Priest/Megadeth/Testament

Rush - totally awesome.

Deep Purple - Great show

Night Ranger - Good times

Foghat - Hell yeah!

Jeff Healy

Hank Williams Jr. - He was great!

I could go on and on.

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Bob Seger and Earth Wind and Fire.

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B. B. King, Glasgow Jazz Festival 1991.

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Nice posts!

I have seen some gigant bands and got some disapointed in many cases. By the moment, the best concerts i have seen are:

Agent Fresco (astonishing)


Berri Txarrak

Maybe my criteria will change soon as i will be watching Red Hot Chili Peppers with Frusciante in 10 days!

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Saw Muse in 2003, they put on an amazing show. Bad Religion in '04; best thing about that was the crowd, it was mental.

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Im a simple guy. My favorite concert was Moonspell, Apocalyptica, Machine Head and Metallica at the Rock in Rio in Lisbon, 2008. Back in my 20s i used to see big names, and several small rock and metal concerts such as local bands, and a few nationals playing local gigs....everthing from Scorpions to quite popular swedish black metal bands, but now i cant really stand the noise. And im only in my 30s. I grew up lame :P Really, i rather stay at home and noodle on the guitar and drink coffee. Im also starting to apreciate music that i thought was lame. Go figure.

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For pure talent, not surprising I suppose, it was Doc and Merle Watson (late '70's) at a really small venue in Memphis, TN. Just the two of them. Super clean, awesome acoustic guitar, crystal clear vocals, and Doc pausing at one time between sets: "where's my A?" - as he dug through a selection of harmonicas - "ah - mint". He then went to explain that (since his "seein' wasn't so good" he flavored his harmonicas so he could "tell 'em apart".

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I saw Flogging Molly at a small club in Indianapolis. The energy and crowd participation was incredible. When the first song kicked in the whole club exploded and never stopped. It was kinda funny because security was like WTF. No effects or gimmicks. Just a band and a crowd rocking the hell out!

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Radio Birdman at the kings arms, stooges town hall , stevie ray town hall. the who North harbour. Anyone know what I'm on about?

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